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Dr. SIR Jae-Chul
Dr. SIR Jai-Chul

Jaechul SIR is currently the executive director of NIDA(National Internet Development Agency of Korea), a nonprofit statutory organization, and is in charge of Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC). At KRNIC he is repsonsible for the policy development and technical management of the .kr ccTLD and IP address. In addition, SIR works on the development of domain name related technologies such as DNSSEC and IPSEC. Recently he is involved in building IPV6 and Anycast DNS sites for .kr ccTLD over the world. He also has an active role in drafting the Internet Resource Administration Act for the .kr ccTLD.

In addition, SIR has actively participated in Joint Engineering Team (JET), which was established to develop and implement IDN technology. Moreover, SIR has been contributing to the Activities of .org as an advisory council member of the PIR(Public Interest Registry). SIR will good for DotASIA board member as well as large numbers of DotASIA domains numbers and 11 registras in Korea.

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